Attention shoreline residents: MCI can work with you to revegetate your shoreline!


MCI is pleased to announce a new project to revegetate the shoreline buffer zones of residences around Lake Memphremagog!

Shoreline buffer zones play a capital role in the maintenance of the quality of Lake Memphremagog’s water. They stabilize shorelines and prevent silting problems by protecting the shoreline from erosion, their roots filter out nutrients, limiting cyanobacteria blooms, they maintain cooler water temperatures and create habitat for wildlife. Unfortunately, many shoreline zones are not carrying out  their proper ecological role in the protection of water quality and biodiversity.

This project is aimed at shoreline property owners who would like to create or enlarge their shoreline buffer zone. They must have at least 10 metres of shoreline to qualify. MCI will help with the whole process, and 80% of the cost is covered by subsidies. Contact us at or 819-620-3939 for more information!

This project was made possible thanks to a contribution from the Programme de soutien régional aux enjeux de l'eau (PSREE), related to the 2018-2023 Action Plan of the Quebec Water Strategy, as well as a collaboration with COGESAF and Lake Memphremagog’s shoreline municipalities.