Sport fishing study

MCI, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department (VFWD), the Québec ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks (MFFP) and the Memphremagog MRC have joined forces to carry out a study of sport fishing on Lake Memphremagog. This study, taking place from December 2018 to November 2020, will provide biological data on the various species of sport fish as well as the fishing pressures they face. Three teams of biologists are interviewing fishermen throughout the entire lake. The data collected includes information on when they fish and what they catch, as well as a survey on their fishing habits on the lake. In winter, they will be on snowmobiles, and in summer in boats well identified with MCI’s and the VFWD’s logos. MCI is proud to provide their expertise and support to make this cross-border initiative a success. As a matter of fact, two former MCI patrollers are working on this project, a tribute to what they learned during their time with MCI!

Report on the Angler Creel Survey

Report prepared by the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. This document presents the preliminary version of the study. A summary version will be produced by the Vermont government and released in the winter of 2022.