The patrol

Made up of a patrol supervisor and two university students in ecology, the patrol spends the summer season carrying out various tasks related to the henvironmental health of Lake Memphremagog and its watershed. The patrol is available 7 days a week to answer all of your questions.

Photo : Vicky Marcoux, Virginie Le Pape, Eric Phendler 


The team 

Patrol leader: Vicki Marcoux , B. Biology

Patroller: Virginie Le Pape, B. Biology

Patroller: Eric Phendler, studying ecology at Bishop's University


Patrol responsibilities

> Carry out scientific studies on the lake: bathymetry, aquatic plants, etc.

> Track water quality

> Meet with shoreline residents to raise awareness of the issues relating to the protection of the lake

> Monitor real estate development and construction around the lake

> Follow up on problems reported: cyanobacteria, complaints, etc.

> Document the lake's shoreline

> Work in close collaboration with shoreline municipalities' inspectors

> Man an information kiosk at various local events

> Interact with media for interviews and documentary projects

> Maintain MCI's social media and web site

> Attend MCI board meetings



Our patrollers can be reached at 819-620-3939 or by email at