Turtle inventory in collaboration with the public and Nature Conservancy Canada

Contribute to the protection of turtles 

MCI is seeking the help of the general public to  record sightings of live, wounded and dead turtles in the region. This project is an initiative of Nature Conservancy Canada, and is aimed at documenting the range and distribution of the different turtle species with the objective of protecting their habitat and identifying threats to their survival. Last year, 127 turtle observations were recorded in the  Eastern Townships alone.

The public is invited to note the details of their turtle sightings (all species of turtle) at the  www.carapace.ca web site, and upload their photos there.

The most commonly observed turtle species in the region are the common snapping turtle and the painted turtle, but other species, such as the wood turtle, could also be present. Turtles are more often seen in the month of June, when the females seek out places to lay their eggs. 

A big thank you to all those who participate in this campaign!