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Memphremagog Conservation Inc. (MCI) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission since 1967 is to protect the environmental health and preserve the natural beauty of Lake Memphremagog and its watershed. Made up of volunteers and with the strength and support of its members, MCI has worked diligently so that all the residents of the region, permanent and seasonal, waterfront or not, can enjoy the lake today and tomorrow, in harmony with nature.

Situated in the southern part of the Eastern Townships and crossed by the Canadian-American border, Lake Memphremagog is the largest body of water in the region. More than 170,000 people, representing more than 90% of the population of Sherbrooke, Magog, Omerville, Deauville, Ste-Elie and Lennoxville, get their drinking water from the lake. The wide range of recreational activities available attracts a large number of tourists and locals alike every year, making it a major tourist draw in the Eastern Townships.

Unfortunately, the signs of deterioration of Lake Memphremagog are clear: cyanobacteria blooms since 2006, the proliferation of aquatic plants and algae, the decline in water quality evidenced by a reduction in water clarity, a decline in the amount of oxygen in the water and an increase in sediments. The major cause of the deterioration of the lake is without a doubt excessive phosphorus loading. There are many sources of phosphorus, primarily resulting from human activities, of which agriculture, forestry and urbanization are the main culprits.


Give us a hand! You are part of the solution!


Robert Benoit

President volunteer





50 years : time to celebrate !

50 years : time to celebrate !
Mrs. Clémence Desrochers and Mr. Donald Sutherland, co-presidents of honour of the event, and the board of Memphrémagog Conservation Inc. invite you to a cocktail to celebrate the 50 years of the or...

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MCI supports SOS Mount Hereford campaign

MCI supports SOS Mount Hereford campaign
''In the context of the Northern Pass project, which plans for the export of electricity to the United States, Hydro-Québec intends to build a high-voltage overhead transmission line in the heart of...

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Phosphorus reduction in Lake Memphremagog: Vermont proposes a large-scale plan.

Phosphorus reduction in Lake Memphremagog: Vermont proposes a large-scale plan. On November 15th, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation presented, during a Quebec Vermont Steering Committee meeting, their Phosphorus Cleanup Plan for Lake Memphremagog watershed.


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Boating file: For Marie-Claude Bibeau, protecting our lakes is a priority

Boating file: For Marie-Claude Bibeau, protecting our lakes is a priority On September 9th, the associations of the 8 busiest lake in the Compton-Stanstead riding met with our local Member of Parliament and Minister, Mrs. Marie-Claude Bibeau, to discuss issues with pleasure...

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News of Lake Memphremagog

News of Lake Memphremagog All of the news regarding Lake Memphremagog is now available on our web site on the Press Review tab....

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Follow the wave!

Follow the wave! Launching of the new awareness campaign regarding the safe practice of water sports on the lakes of the region.

This campaign, called “Follow the wave!”, was developed by the Memphremagog MRC in c...

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