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Date Category Description File
07-08-12 Studies Phosphorus and water quality
By François Bélanger at the MCI's Annual General meeting.
(Document only in french)
05-15-12 Studies Trophic status of Lake Memphremagog
Document only in french.
05-01-12 Studies Inventory of recreational boats on Lake Memphremagog - Canadian side 2009-2010
This study made by MCI determines the number and type of boats found on the Canadian side of the lake. Over the summers of 2009 and 2010 MCI patrollers counted over 4000 boats (2100 motorized) in marinas and private residences.
02-14-12 Studies Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin: 2011 Black River Water Quality Report
The goal of this project was to further assess and identify the sources of water quality problems along the main stem and several tributaries of the Black River, where high phosphorus and sediment levels had been measured previously.
Study made by Mr. Fritz Gerhardt, Ph.D.
English document only.
12-30-11 Studies Conservation des milieux naturels de la municipalité d’Austin
Grâce au support de la municipalité d'Austin, le MCI a réalisé un portrait des éléments d’intérêt écologique de la municipalité. Les milieux naturels d’intérêt écologique ainsi que les zones de contraintes naturelles sensibles au développement ont été identifiés.

Voir les annexes dans Centre de documents/Conservation
12-30-11 Studies Portrait cartographique des éléments d’intérêt écologique du mont Chagnon
Dans le cadre du projet soumis à la municipalité d’Austin par le biais de son Fonds vert, le Memphrémagog Conservation Inc. (MCI) a réalisé le portrait écologique du mont Chagnon. Le présent rapport fait état des éléments d’intérêt écologique ainsi que des zones de contraintes naturelles qui caractérisent le massif forestier du mont Chagnon.

Voir annexe dans Centre de documents/Conservation
02-15-11 Studies Black River - "Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin..."
Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin: Black River Protection and Restoration Project.

Study made by Mr. Fritz Gerhardt, Ph.D.
02-27-10 Studies Johns River: "Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin..."
Restoring Water Quality in the Lake Memphremagog Basin: Phosphorus and Nitrogen Levels along the Johns River and Seven Smaller Tributaries.

Study made by Mr. Fritz Gerhardt, Ph. D.
02-23-09 Studies Operation Healthy Lake-Québec (Phase 1)
Phase 1 of health status of lakeshore (Quebec):
MCI, in collaboration with biologists from RAPPEL, has produced a study of the health of Lake Memphremagog's canadian shore.
11-17-08 Studies
11-04-08 Studies Operation Healthy Lake-Vermont
MCI has commissioned a study to examine the
health of the Vermont shoreline of Lake Memphremagog.
01-01-06 Studies Research advances in nutrient runoff on sloping land
Study on riparian aeras made by Yong Li, Chao Wang, and Hongliang Tang, and published by Aquatic Ecosystem Health & Management
08-01-05 Studies Operation Healty Lake - 2005
07-01-00 Studies Landscape controls on phosphorus loading to boreal lakes: implications for the potential impacts of forest harvesting
Study on riparian aeras made by K.J. Devito, I.F. Creed, R.L. Rothwell, and E.E. Prepas, and published by the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
11-24-89 Studies L'état physique du lac Memphrémagog
L'état physique du lac Memphrémagog: température et oxygène dissous. Étude réalisée par Stewart Hopps. (In French only)
10-31-82 Studies Environmental land use guide of the lake Memphremagog watershed
By Environmental Dimension Ltd
03-31-79 Studies The phosphorus and the nitrogen budget of the lake Memphremagog
With a predictive model of its nutrient concentration following sewage removal.
03-31-78 Studies Lake Memphremagog - Vermont : An hydrologic and hydraulic analysis
Report on the capability and procedure to regulate lake Memphremagog.

Departement of the Army, New York District.



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